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Learn More about Azusa’s Family-Run Truck Repair Shop

S.E. Smith & Sons, INC. has been serving the Los Angeles County area for over 55 years in truck repair, truck service and trailer repair. We are proud to be family-owned and operated, and we treat our customers like family as well. We understand that rarely do you just have a repair issue when your vehicle breaks down. More likely, you are in a situation that has the potential to negatively impact your life and livelihood in many ways. We have more than five decades of experience in not just repairing vehicles, but, most importantly, in resolving situations. We simply don’t know how to work any other way!

Our History

Samuel Eugene Smith and his two sons, Craig and Lance, always had a passion for fixing cars and trucks, and understanding the operations of how vehicles work. The trio started by fixing neighbors’ and friends’ vehicles out of their own home, and quickly grew by word of mouth—in the area, the Smith family mechanics became known for the quality of their work, great personalities, and loyalty to their customers. They became busy enough that it became necessary to open a real shop. In early 1962, Sam found the perfect facility in Glendora, CA, just off Arrow Highway, and S.E. Smith & Sons officially opened for business.

Truck mechanics at S.E. Smith & Sons

As a family business, our business history is our family history.

One day, after the shop had been up and running for a while, Craig and Lance had a vision—a vision of working on diesels, tractors, and trailers. After many years of planning and deliberating how truck repair would fit into their business and their lifestyles, they began to market for commercial and fleet vehicles. When they received their first big fleet account, there was no turning back. From that day forward, S.E. Smith & Sons became very well known for its top-notch truck repair work and trustworthy team. Sadly, Lance passed away in 1996, and Sam in 2008, but Craig continues to grow the family business with the help of his daughter, Nicole. At the much larger shop in Azusa, Craig and Nicole have big plans to carry forward the reputation and history of S.E. Smith & Sons.

Craig Smith -  Owner of S.E. Smith & Sons

A Message From Craig

“I personally want to thank you for your business. My technicians, staff, and I want to make sure our service goes beyond simply handling a repair; we want you to be satisfied. When you leave our shop, my goal is always to ensure you’re no longer in a situation, and to leave you with a good ol’ fashioned handshake. Thank you again.”

Meet Your Truck Repair & Service Team at S.E. Smith & Sons

At S.E. Smith & Sons, we’re serious about ensuring you get back on the road quickly, while never compromising your safety. Our technicians maintain the highest level of qualifications to ensure your service and repairs are always completed accurately and efficiently, including ASE Master truck certification, ASE Master auto certification, and International factory training.

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